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We Supply Premium Mica Powders, Pigments, Makeup and Nail Polish Ingredients

We are UK and worldwide suppliers of premium mica powder soap colours, neon colourants, cosmetic pigments and nail polish making supplies. At Micamoma we test our mica powders so you don’t have to. Our mica powder is thoroughly tested in soap and makeup to guarantee performance.

We offer a wide variety of EU approved vegan and cruelty-free micas that are included in our Cosmetic Safety Report and are safe for use in soap. We have experience in soap making and have selected our mica powders so that they are stable in a high pH environment when added to cold process soap. We know the disappointment and frustration of selecting a vibrant mica only to have its colour change dramatically when used in your soap.

Create amazing water colour paints and acrylic paint with our versatile pigment range. Our pigments look great in resin art, wax melts and candles making for pretty shimmer effects

No Animal Testing
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